Wanted: SaskInteractive Members to Collaborate on an Augmented Performance


Free Flow Dance Theatre is a not for profit charitable organization.We are the only professional contemporary dance company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and have most recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.

We are seeking an individual who would be interested in collaborating on a project with us with knowledge in digital/lazer projection design.

This is a fantastic example of the types of things we would be open to http://augmentedperformance.com/

Our Project “The Secret Cavern” is inspired by the living caves – The Kartchner Caverns – in Arizona.

It currently involves seven dancers and 2 live violinists alongside of pre-recorded soundscape. The costumes include black morph suits (full body and face coverage) as well as some large black umbrellas which contain black light reactive materials.
We would like to invite any interested parties working or dabbling in this area of media to join us in our rehearsal space to see what we are doing and if you might want to get involved.
We are planning to present a short section of the work on November 19th 2016 and would love to be able to implement some of these techniques for augmented performances then. The project will continue development in 2017 and we aim to present a full evening length audience immersive event later that year.
If you are interested please contact Jackie Latendresse at:

freeflowdance@hotmail.com or by phone (land line) 306-665-5998

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