Reminder – Community Town Hall Tomorrow!

Reminder that our Community Town Hall will be running tomorrow! Join in from 1 – 3 pm on our community discord (see invite link below if you haven’t already joined). The Town Hall will be co-hosted by SaskInteractive’s Darcy McLane and Board of Director’s Communication Chair Jay Cameron, and we welcome the Leader Post’s and community member Mark Melnychuk as moderator to help run the event.

Here is an agenda for the event tomorrow. Of course as this is a community discussion we encourage you to bring your questions, thoughts and things you’d like to see forward as well for after the agenda items have been discussed!

If you have not joined the discord already please follow the link and hop on in –

After you have joined, or if you are already in the discord, you will find that we have created a new “Town Hall” section where our Town Hall will take place. There is a voice channel for you to join when we begin at 1 pm, as well as text channel that can be used for further discussion.

Hope to see you there!

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