DarkRoom Series Episode 3-Attending Global Conferences

Episode 3 of the DarkRoom Series is now available! This episode entitled Attending Global Conferences features Mouneeb Shahid of 2WebDesign.com.

In this interview, Mouneeb explores the experience of attending global conferences, as well as the benefits that he has seen for his business that come from attending such large conferences. As an added bonus, Mouneeb shares with us some tips and tricks for making the most out of attending these conferences.

Although we aren’t actually filming in a “dark room” this time, that’s where we started and the the title goes a little deeper. The “Dark Room” was created in the early 19th Century and used since the inception of photography. The Dark Room is a place where the big picture is developed and first sees the light. We’re looking to be a part of developing the big picture of the interactive industry in Saskatchewan.

The DarkRoom Series-Episode 3 by SaskInteractive

Big thank you to Mouneeb Shahid of 2WebDesign.com!

If you are interested in attending global conferences like Web Summit, CES, and Mobile World Congress, and are looking for some assistance, consider going with ICT West. Their goal is to introduce small to medium-sized tech companies to a global market in order to grow the sector here at home.  At the shows, they leverage the strength of local, regional, national and international partnerships so their delegates can make an impact and their delegates offer a diverse set of services and their expertise expands across many sectors of the tech industry. For more info, check out their website http://www.ictwest.ca.

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