Calling for Unreal Engine Level Artists

Calling out for all artists – SMPIA is looking for Unreal Engine Level Artists on the King of Killers series.

Check out a note from the VFX supervisor on the series:

“I anticipate if these folks are comfortable with UE, they should have other skill sets that are relevant to the software, such as a general knowledge of other 3D software packages like Maya, Blender, 3DS Max, Modo etc.

We are mainly going to be leaning on the Unreal marketplace for assets, however, I would like to know if any of the candidates have skills doing 3D modelling to make sure that if we have at least a few people on the team that we can turn to when we need someone to develop especially unique set pieces, and/or props etc.

If you want to send this note to your membership to see if they’d be interested, please ask them to send their resume and a short cover letter to: [email protected] Please put “Unreal Engine Level Artist Opportunities” in the subject line.”

Make sure to check out this opportunity if you’re interested!

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