SaskInteractive Looking for Funding Opportunities

Hello SaskInteractive Members and Supporters!

We at SaskInteractive are looking to our members for us to sponsor various funding opportunities for greater connection and engagement. As you may or may not be aware, SaskInteractive was awarded a record amount of funding for this fiscal year (2021/22) and we are looking to our community to help us find amazing projects, events and community driven organizations that will help to grow and benefit our online, interactive community here in Saskatchewan.

Whether it be your own project, a friend or family member’s event or just something interesting in the community in general that you’re aware of, we’d like to hear about it. While we work to put together events and opportunities that we believe would be a benefit to our membership and the online interactive community in Saskatchewan, we know that there are opportunities out there and we want to know about them!

If you have any questions, want more details or have something that you’d like to bring to our attention – please reach out to us here at or join our new discord, We are happy to engage with the community, get involved and discuss what is important to you and help grow the interactive digital media sector here in Saskatchewan.