Wanna learn web dev?

Well if the answer is yes, you’re in luck because the Lighthouse Labs part-time Intro to Web Development course is coming to Saskatoon starting May 8th!


This is a great way for you to dip your toes in the water and explore pursing a career as a developer.

Learn the basics of coding for both the front and back end through the course. You’ll come to understand Web Development through hands-on experience with the assistance of mentors from your community and gain a solid understanding of how to build your own web apps. If you’re interested in learning to code, communicating with your dev team, or gaining valuable career skills, this course is for you!


The course includes 12 evening sessions (a total of 36 hours) that give an introduction on becoming a developer. For employers, more great new-this course could also qualify for the Sask Jobs Grant to help out with costs!


And if you love the course (which you will) and want to continue developing your skills, you’ll also receive an $850 credit toward the full-time development bootcamp as you pursue a career in development.


For more info and to apply, visit https://lighthouselabs.ca/other-locations

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