Moonshell Island and Cheekynauts made a splash at the Wholesome Direct!

Wow! Sask game developer Sam Ramsay at Cheekynauts was featured this year during E3’s online Wholesome Direct showcase! Sam’s game, Moonshell Island, was featured in the showcase, bringing awareness and light to this amazing game in progress. We can’t wait to see what the future of Moonshell Island and Cheekynauts will bring!

Moonshell Island is a game where you’ll combine the action-RPG, Zelda-esque gameplay elements with a story-driven narrative and save Moonshell Island from the invading Nomsters. Along the way you’ll save islanders and build a community at the safe haven Crabby’s Cabana Club – unlocking more features and services as you further delve into the mysteries and secrets that Moonshell Island has to offer.

Check out Moonshell Island’s Steam Page where you can add it to your Wishlist, or check out the teaser trailer here!

Congrats again to Sam, Cheekynauts and Moonshell Island and we look forward to seeing your success in the future!

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