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Carrie Gates

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Carrie Gates

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Web Design / Development, Videography / Video Animation

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Carrie Gates



University of Saskatchewan


Art History

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Video Artist, Visual Designer, WordPress Developer, and Digital Marketing Consultant

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I am passionate about creating interactive digital media experiences that help build a more sustainable, exciting, and rewarding future for us all. For over 15 years, I have worked as a consultant, designer, and developer, with hundreds of completed client projects in my portfolio. My diverse client base includes medical associations, University departments, Indigenous leaders, film producers, art galleries, conferences, fashion designers, law enforcement, turntablists, farmers, museums, safety inspectors, music labels, hypnotists, biotech innovators, unions, environmental stewards, libraries, and particle physicists…to name a few! My technical areas of expertise include visual branding, graphic design, website layout, WordPress website programming, promotional animations, motion graphics, video editing, slideshow presentation design, MailChimp email campaign production, email list management, print material production, social media ads, UX design, copy editing, search engine optimization (SEO), domain and hosting management, security audits, personalized and group training, archival strategy, grant writing, and general business planning. Using a "top tasks" approach to user-centred design, I help my clients present marketing messages with an authentic brand voice, while advocating for their clients' needs to guide overall project strategy and refine the subtle presentation details. When my projects require use of new technologies, I quickly throw myself into learning mode, as I consider these opportunities to be one of the best parts of my career. Watching people's eyes light up when they learn inspires me, so I am always looking to exchange knowledge with others. I truly enjoy demystifying technology to help empower others reframe it as a handy tool and fun toy. On another note, I am also an internationally exhibited audiovisual performance artist with a practice dating back to the mid 1990s. I create live sound-reactive video mixing projection art alongside electronic music, performing at media art festivals, galleries, runway fashion shows, and underground music events. Current obsessions: everything Pantone (except their website), light arguments about the names of colours, Korean fashion, customized Chrome profiles, bread shaped pillows, and the Oxford comma.