Member Spotlight – Melcher Studios

We have so many amazing members in our community, and we want to start highlighting your accomplishments and achievements. Today, we bring you Melcher Studios, a long time SaskInteractive member and prominent community member in the digital and interactive sector.

If you’ve been involved in the digital and technology scene in Regina, you’ve certainly heard of Melcher Studios. Most recently you might have heard of Melcher Studios forays into virtual reality, with their most recent release being Hockey VR. But whether it is augmented reality, virtual reality, game design and more, you can count on Melcher Studios to be involved in the digital sector.

Hockey VR was released in the fall of 2021 to great success. By creating their own RealStick Attachment technology, not only are you transported to the ice via the magic of VR, but you can use a real hockey stick to even further feel immersed in the game. One of the most interesting pieces of Hockey VR’s history, however, is how it started as a simple version that was used to entertain fans at a hockey game. From there it was built upon and innovated and turned into the success that it is today. Check out Hockey VR here:

Melcher Studios is not only an innovator in the field of gaming VR, but has used the potential of virtual reality to create realistic training simulations for workplace safety, procedures and protocols. By utilizing this technology employees are able to safely train and learn about the dangers in warehouses, operating heavy machinery and much more!

Another fun project that Melcher Studios released was the campy but fun Sharknado VR. Based on the science fiction B movie franchise of the same name, you can shoot your way through levels of tornado flinging sharks (or even grab yourself a chainsaw, if you prefer)! You can blast your way through your own Sharknado adventure here:

As you can probably tell, Melcher Studios runs the gambit from fun games to realistic simulations, but one constant always remains the same – their passion for the work that they do and their drive to push and innovate the digital media sector.

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