“How to understand and impress your audience with better marketing” with Chris Zukowski

Great talk from Chris Zukowski as a part of our Game Business LEVELUP! series.

Who is your audience? Did you just say ‘all gamers’ or ‘hardcore gamers?’ To make the most of your limited resources you need to know who your audience is. Like REALLY know them. I am going to show you how. Then once you figure out who they are, what do you say to them? You will learn the steps you need to take to have a better picture of your audience. You will learn how to figure out where they live and what kind of games they are looking for so you can market in the right place with the right message.

Co-hosted by Darcy McLane (CEO – SaskInteractive) and
Ben Schmidt (Noodlecake Studios)

About Chris Zukowski

Chris is a marketing consultant who teaches video game studios how to talk to their fans. His goal is for your marketing to feel like an extension of your game so that your potential players can’t wait to hear from you. If done correctly, and confidently, marketing can be just as fun as making your game. Chris Zukowski has consulted for publishers, games-as-a-service studios, and single-person companies.


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