Federal Budget 2017

The federal government released their Budget 2017 on Wednesday March 22, 2017. The budget titled: “Building a Strong Middle Class: #Budget2017” includes items aimed at facilitating the growth of the interactive digital media industry as well as the development of skilled talent.

Budget 2017 announced the Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan which includes programs and initiatives that are aimed at strengthening Innovation and the Digital future of Canada.

Some examples from the plan include:

  • Establishing Innovation Canada as a simpler and centralized office to facilitate access to innovation programs
  • Increased support to the Business Development Bank for a Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative
  • Support for innovation in the digital sector as a recognized key growth industry
  • Investment in the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund to support the creation and development of creative spaces/hubs that will support entrepreneurialism in arts and culture
  • Teaching kids digital skills and coding
  • Enhancements to the Canada Student Grants and loan program to make it easier for adults to return to school for retraining
  • Mid-career skills training through enhancements to the Labour Market Transfer Agreements

To view and download information regarding the recent Federal Budget you can visit: Budget 2017 




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