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Tue, April 13th @ 7:14 PM

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Starts: April 13, 2021 7:14 pm Ends: April 13, 2021 7:14 pm

Join us at the Saskatchewan Economic Summit!

The Conference Board’s Saskatchewan Institute invites you to join us at the Saskatchewan Economic Summit 2017, a two-day event that will convene Saskatchewan’s senior officials from provincial, regional, and local governments, key influencers, and decision-makers from across the private sector. Together, we will discuss and share insights on the issues affecting Saskatchewan now and in the future.

Summary Overview and Themes

Economically and socially, it’s a critical time for the province. The commodities boom, which shielded Saskatchewan from the worst effects of the global financial crisis, has ended. The boom was a clear reminder that the province has the fuel, food, and fertilizer the world needs, but the past years of plenty also reminded the province that while commodity sector diversification helps, there remains a need for expansion. It will take more than infrastructure spending and Saskatchewan’s stoic work ethic to create new growth.

Adding value to resource extraction chains, advancing a clean economy, technology growth, the pursuit of exports, and the attraction of capital – all opportunities for growing Saskatchewan. But all requiring innovative ways of thinking and acting in a competitive, globalized economy.

Not unlike the Canadian economy, innovation is more important than ever. Reducing barriers to economic growth by pursuing international trade and investment aggressively and embracing innovation as a core value could catapult the province to the next level of success.

How can Saskatchewan reap global benefits while continuing to sow seeds of investment attraction?

Can addressing productivity growth offset the lack of diversity beyond commodities? Saskatchewan has a successful history of disruption in crop research, healthcare, consumer finance, energy, and agriculture – what’s next?
What are the mechanisms required to utilize prairie ingenuity and sensibility to create innovative ways of driving continuous growth?

Saskatchewan Economic Summit 2017 will identify key trends that can shape Saskatchewan’s provincial vision and economy. The event is designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs and decision-makers with a stake in our province’s future. Interactive and engaging, we’ll start with diagnosis and economic forecasting from well-known presenters before we move into interactive discussion and working sessions that will create a platform of pragmatic advice for the Saskatchewan’s future.

Diagnosis and solutions – the Saskatchewan Institute at work at the 2017 Saskatchewan Summit.

Building a strong Saskatchewan, together.

The Saskatchewan Institute of the Conference Board of Canada has convened events for key partners and participants in Saskatchewan for over five years. Insightful, valuable, and enlightening, the 2017 Saskatchewan Economic Summit will include some of Board’s and Canada’s most respected independent research and forecasting professionals and key thinkers from across the province.