Building your UX team-Webinar



Tue, April 13th @ 5:12 PM

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Starts: April 13, 2021 5:12 pm Ends: April 13, 2021 5:12 pm

Hiring is always a daunting task – especially if you not sure exactly what skills you need. The costs of getting it wrong are high – in terms of time and effort spent finding, selecting and ramping-up a new hire – and lost productivity when you have to replace them. This is often true for organizations that are hiring their first UX designer or UX teams. Because there are so many specialty areas in the UX and design fields, finding the right fit takes careful planning, but will set-up your organization for success.

Terry Costantino and Steven LeMay have helped build UX capabilities for many organizations, large and small, by providing role definitions, hiring assistance, mentorship and training.

Terry and Steven are eager to share their experience by answering your questions around hiring, building, and managing UX teams.

This session is perfect for anyone…

• hiring design and UX professionals into existing teams
• managing UX teams and enriching their capabilities
• building a UX team from scratch

Send us your questions in advance, or bring them to the live session. This session will take place via GoToWebinar on Tuesday, April 25 at 12pm EDT.

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