Congrats to ORA-You’re going to DesignThinkers 2017!

Congratulations to ORA on winning the “Share your story” contest! They will be sending Andre Doucette, VP of Software out to Vancouver May 30th-31st to experience DesignThinkers 2017.


A little bit about ORA and Kasiel Solutions Inc…

They are a company out of Saskatoon who specializes in wearable tech-specifically personal alert devices. Birthed from a personal experience with her own family, founder and CEO Serese Selanders recognized that there was an opportunity to leverage technology to vastly improve the lives of people.  Their company is dedicated to developing products designed to help individuals and lone workers stay safe. If you’re interested in what they’re doing, and how they are bringing together technology, fashion, and safety, then check out their website


Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We couldn’t do it without the participation and support of our members and followers. And stay tuned for an update from our winners about their experience at DesignThinkers!


Special thanks to RGD for their support and donation of the DesignThinkers2017 pass.


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