UX Design, Behavioral Science application – Contract

Job Location: Remote

Job Description

Inspirante.io will revolutionize career path planning in this the era of the 4th industrial revolution. Designed with transformative Social Impact in mind, Inspirante.io through the adoption of behavioral science techniques will level the playing field of all. We will educate, empower and inspire on a global basis.

We are an EdTech start-up taking Scientific concepts and teachings and translating them into an easy to use, easy to consume / digestible UI while maintaining the integrity of the science. We are in the area of Serious Game design, not Entertainment games eg similar to DuoLingo, Lumosity, HeadSpace. We are currently developing our UI/UX MVP i.e. wireframe with testing but no code.

· Are you experienced in behavioral science models and paradigms? Eg Growth vs. fixed mindset, inclusion/bias/diversity research?
· What experience do you have translating conceptual scientific models into a usable product/game/app?
· Have you made product design decisions that are oriented on the efficacy of the science that still led to a commercial product?
· Can you demonstrate your level of knowledge in this area and show how committed/motivated you are regarding science and building products of the future.
· What experience do you have in the realm of user testing, creating the iterative testing phases inherent to development. We need someone who knows more on the testing heavy environment of theory but which can be translated into a Tech product once concept is proven.
· Which stage do you see yourself having most difficulty/challenges developing? Why?

Desired Skills & Experience

This is a project based role, we are location agnostic and have our meetings based on East Coast (New York) timezone.

*** Please email ian@inspirante.io with questions and / or portfolios etc ***

Contact Details

To apply submit your resumes to ian@inspirante.io